Guy climbs Everest to send ludicrous SMS

I’m the king of the world: that quote copyright 20th Century Fox

After days of fighting off frostbite avoiding practically bottomless abysses and battling through howling winds British climber Rod Baber reached the summit of Mt Everest.

29035 feet up Baber passed on the opportunity to stand back be awe-inspired by the scenery and accept God into his life.

So what did Baber do?

He whipped out his Motorola(r) Moto(tm) Z8(tm) and rang John Barlow of Motorola Inc. (r)

“Everest symbolises the greatest challenge to any climber. To reach the summit and achieve world records with Motorola is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” said Mr Baber.

“My MOTO Z8 has totally enhanced the experience up here giving me the added confidence and peace of mind to know that friends family and even help were just a phone call away.”

Motorola was totally surprised to receive the phone call and sent out a press release to coincide with it.

“We famously provided the technology that communicated the first words from the moon and now we’re pleased to say we were the first to provide a mobile call from the top of the world” said Motorola in a statement.

Baber also had a pithy text message ready to go: “One small text for man one giant leap for mobilekind – thanks Motorola.”

Stay tuned for more earth-shattering corporate stunts — APC will be sure to keep you fully informed.