Great for guests: Belkin N600 DB Wireless Dual-Band N+ Router review

The Belkin N600 DB features of the handiest features we’ve seen from a consumer-level router in some time: guest access.

A single less than ideal client I have on my home network means I can’t password-protect my server. The client (a streaming media player for playing music outside) won’t allow me to use anything but a guest account when accessing an SMB share; so I don’t really have the option of securing my server which holds the music without locking out the media player too. Because of that I’m extremely wary of letting people connect to my network wirelessly; once you’ve got a connection to the network that server’s content is open slather.  I know it’s very very far from ideal and I should follow my own advice; but I do like using that music streamer.

Belkin’s N600 DB Wireless Dual-Band N+ Router will now allow me to grant guest access to wireless clients on my network. Specifically this mode will not allow wireless guests to route data to or from other clients on the network only allowing them access to the internet. Furthermore the router supports a standard web-login page for wireless clients with a click-for-access cafe/hotel style login which means drive-by internet users can’t just hitchhike on the network as they’ll need a password for authentication.

That’s one of the features of the N600 DB that sets it apart. Beyond that it includes a USB port for printer sharing or data backup to a USB hard disk drive four internal antennas for the dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi network and four 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet ports.  The next model up the N750 DB has Gigabit Ethernet ports which frankly should really be standard these days.

A very sensible thing has been done by Belkin with the original setup of this device. Considering many users don’t know what an SSID is let alone WPA2 and how to properly secure a wireless connection Belkin ships the model with a strong password and preset SSID to get you started. The password’s slip can then be slotted under the router for safe keeping. It ensures that no users go live with an unprotected network. Simple but effective.

The router’s interface is par for the course with fairly standard options for a router at this level. You can manage your network quite effectively and Belkin has included full support for Telstra BigPond and OptusNet Cable subscribers. One thing is that for each change you need to commit there’s a 40 second waiting period while the change is saved. If you need to do a few things in the interface it very quickly gets boring. We also noticed a few very negative comments about earlier versions of this routers firmware. Be sure to upgrade it to the latest version immediately to avoid frustration.

Performance-wise the Belkin N600 DB acted as expected. We managed a wireless throughput of 22MB/s in our very noisy wireless environment at 5GHz from another wireless source. That’s pretty good and definitely good enough for video streaming.

Available from Belkin retailing for $169.95.
APC rating: 7/10

  • jimbo

    Belkin support sucks. Go ahead, try and live chat online, you’ll be told that if you purchased your product in the last 90 days, one of their ‘technicians’ may be able to support you, otherwise if you are outside this 90 day window, you can pay them some more money and one of their ‘technicians’ then may be able to support you