Google releases Apps Sync for Outlook

Google has gone gunning for Exchange and taken another step in broadening the reach of its online Google Apps suite with the release of sync software for Microsoft Outlook.

Following in the footsteps on similar sync software for the ever-popular BlackBerry Apps Sync for Outlook provides the Microsoft desktop software with direct links to your Google mail calendar appointments and contacts. The search supremo says the new software provides far greater performance than the current work-around of using IMAP to connect Outlook and Google.

Available on the Google Apps Premier Edition and Education Edition services the tool not only keeps Outlook and Google Apps synchronised around the clock but lets you reference your Google data while offline through Outlook.

The service even mimics a few features of Microsoft Exchange such as a Free/Busy lookup in your Google Calendar and access to a ‘global address list’ shared with colleagues.

The sync software also includes a migration tool to transfer existing data from Outlook or Exchange into Google Apps.

Google Apps Sync for Outlook can be downloaded from