“Get Paid by RIM”: BlackBerry maker unveils bargain handset Trade-Up deal

BlackBerry-maker RIM has today announced its BlackBerry Trade-Up Program for Australian BlackBerry users: if you purchase a new BlackBerry Torch 9800 or BlackBerry Bold 9780 you can receive up to $120 credit when you trade in an old BlackBerry smartphone.

RIM’s online FAQ gives comprehensive details on how to attain the Trade-Up offer and provides a timely reminder about deleting all your personal data from your pre-loved Berry before you trade it in.

It’s a great offer for current BlackBerry users who weren’t already considering a migration to the rival (and mindshare-grabbing) Android or iOS platforms but we wonder if $120 credit will be a sufficient incentive to retain those already tempted to try something new.

RIM’s competitors are certainly hogging the limelight this year: it seems every week in 2011 brings with it a new Android handset announcement while speculation of a potential September/October iPhone 5 (and/or perhaps iPhone 4S) launch is currently building to the patented Apple fever pitch.

But if you like your tactile QWERTY keyboard just the way it is today’s news is an undeniably sweet deal for the BlackBerry faithful. (And it’ll be even sweeter if RIM expands the scheme to include the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900 when it’s released.)