Get a sneak peek at MeeGo on Intel’s concept Atom tablet

Earlier this month we got our paws on the ‘Redvale’ prototype slate created by Intel as proof of concept for its ‘tablet tag team’ of the Atom processor and MeeGo OS.

We were stoked at how smooth the OS was and delighted by its info-packed yet intuitive UI.

We took a swag of pics but there’s nothing like seeing this in action – which is why you’ll want to click over to Intel’s Atom Developer Program for a hands-on demonstration of MeeGo running on Redvale in its multi-touch tablet mode.

Intel warns this is a pre-alpha build of the OS no doubt to allow wiggle room for any rough edges you may observe.

The demo session also includes a visit to Intel’s AppUp software store which will serve Atom-friendly apps for Windows and MeeGo devices (and potentially Android devices once x86-based Android netbooks and slates take off).