Geek must-have: Ninite, the essential installation service

How many times have you reinstalled Windows or got a new PC or notebook and then been faced with the task of locating and individually installing all your essential free apps such as browsers IM clients utilities such as Evernote and so on?

Ninite is a web site that provides a single installer for dozens of these essential ‘free’ or ‘open source’ apps. Pointed out to us by reader Gary Carson a software developer from Oakleigh Victoria it’s a godsend.

You just tick the apps you want on the Ninite web page and download a little installer executable file. Run it and it starts downloading and installing in one go and all without any crapware.

Carson says: “It’s really fantastic and such a great idea. I think they’ve been around for a long time.” In fact Ninite has become a must for many techies who constantly reinstall software and has received universal praise. At APC we’ve started using it for quickly installing basic software on notebooks we’re reviewing.