Full email and no business price premium

RIM’s BlackBerry revolutionised the way businesses communicate. With email being available outside the office it changed from an online-only to an everywhere model. But business isn’t the only place where email is widespread: people are starting to demand the same access to their personal inboxes.

Palm has targeted this group of users directly with the Treo 500v phone. A mid-priced Windows Mobile 6 handset the 500v is designed for personal use but with email and messaging as a primary goal. It sports a 320 x 240 pixel transflective display a full qwerty keyboard and MS Office (including Outlook) for email messaging. All this in a 120g parcel with claimed 4.5-hour talk time.

In our hands the Treo 500v was a mixed bag. The screen was outstanding and easy to read in bright light and outside. The keyboard though bubbly was easy enough to use. It does take a bit of pressure to hit a key though slowing typing down at first. The device felt a little underpowered with the phone sluggish to move through the menus.

All in all the Treo 500v absolutely hits its targets as a mid-priced everyman’s email handset. It’s not perfect and is best-suited to the more patient among us but it’s a great effort from Palm.