Free upgrades from Vista to Windows 7 begin June 26th

Buyers of new PCs have started to find an unexpected bonus amidst the manuals leaflets and warranty cards as OEMs begin promoting Microsoft’s ‘Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program’.

The scheme looks set to offer a free upgrade to Windows 7 from June 26 2009 through until sometime in January 2010.

Purchasers of Acer PCs in Australia have already found a slip in their freshly unboxed system which states “Beginning June 26 2009 customers who purchase a qualifying ACER Vista-based PC will receive a comparable version of Windows 7 when available”.

The offering of a ‘comparable’ version of Windows 7 with match neatly to Windows Vista Home Premium Business and Ultimate seeing as Windows 7 contains those same editions (although the ‘business’ build will be tagged as Windows 7 Professional).

Budget-priced systems running Vista Home Basic will not qualify. Microsoft’s deal will however extend to PCs which have ‘downgraded’ at the factory to XP because they were still sold carrying a Vista licence.