Finally, Bill’s take on Google’s OS

Google’s announcement of its latest project Google Chrome OS generated echoes all over the Web that intensified after each bounce with all the comments reactions replies-to-comments and so on. Many of those who had something to say did so emphatically. Save of course Microsoft. Their only comment then? “No comment.”
Finally they’ve decided to speak up some more about Google’s highly publicized invasion into their turf. 
In an interview with CNET earlier this week Bill Gates issued a rather calm response (did anyone expect a different kind?): 
“There’s many many forms of Linux operating systems out there and packaged in different ways and booted in different ways”. Adding that  “In some ways I am surprised people are acting like there’s something new. I mean you’ve got Android running on Netbooks. It’s got a browser in it.” 
Much of the heated discussions around the Web revolved around the way Google aimed to design their OS i.e. based on their super fast browser of the same name – Chrome. Here’s Bill’s reaction on it: 
“It just shows the word browser has become a truly meaningless word”. He also added that “What’s a browser? What’s not a browser? If you’re playing a movie is that a browser or not a browser? If you’re doing annotations is that a browser? If you’re editing text is that a browser or not a browser? In large part it’s more an abuse of terminology than a real change.” 
According to Gates it was difficult to say something about something that was said with very limited detail. Well apparently some people can work with extremely limited information. Lengthy posts and comments on the matter are not so hard to find. 
I guess all of you were just waiting to hear what Bill had to say. But for those who are also curious on Steve Ballmer’s own take here it is: 
“We don’t need a new operating system” Ballmer said earlier. “What we do need to do is to continue to evolve Windows Windows Applications IE (Internet Explorer) the way IE works in totality with Windows and how we build applications like Office…and we need to make sure we can bring our customers and partners with us.” 
If you’d like to read more about the entire CNET interview with Gates (it’s not all about Google’s OS by the way) click on that link.