Extraordinary value on sale this Saturday: Medion Akoya P7812 review

German notebook maker Medion (sold locally through Aldi stores) always manages to come up with something that differentiates it from other laptop makers at the affordable end of the market. The formula is to always be the first to provide a feature that’s normally found in higher-priced notebooks (say a TV tuner or a big screen).

This time Medion has produced a whopper of an all-rounder that’s pretty much a complete replacement for a desktop and extraordinary value at $899. The Medion Akoya P7812 (MD98770) really gives you an insane amount of computer for the money.

The big 17.3in machine is powered by an Intel Core i5-2430M processor the Intel workhorse that easily handles all common computing tasks but the CPU is paired with a massive 8GB of RAM (unheard of this pricepoint) which helps deliver superb system performance. Even better the Akoya P7812 packs an NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M one of the most powerful mid-range notebook graphics cards.

The combo of processor massive RAM 17.3in (1600 x 900 res) screen and powerful graphics let the notebook play demanding PC games at high settings – which makes it the cheapest fully gaming-capable big-screen laptop on the market.

But there’s more: a massive one-terabyte (1000GB) hard drive four USB ports (two are superfast USB 3.0) HDMI and Gigabit Ethernet ports a micro-SD card slot and DVD drive.

And to top it off we really like the chiclet keyboard. In other words this baby does everything a desktop PC does and more. The Medion Akoya P7812 goes on sale in Aldi stores from this Saturday (November 26).

Available from Medion (through Aldi) retailing for $899.
APC rating: 9/10 (Editor’s Choice)