Evernote web & image clipping comes to Android via new Dolphin Add-ons

Up until now Evernote’s mobile versions have lacked a key element of the desktop app’s appeal — namely online web clipping — with users having to resort to other note-taking or read-later apps if they spied something online they wanted to keep a permanent record of (short of simple URL sharing that is). While other clipping solutions are indeed numerous their lack of native syncing functionality with Evernote has proved a bugbear for keen users of the service. Luckily for Android users at least this has now changed with two new Add-ons released this week for the popular Dolphin browser which integrate tidily with your Evernote account. The Dolphin: Evernote Add-on plugs into Dolphin and gives you the ability to clip the text of any web page and upload it directly to your Evernote notebook. It’s text only at this stage (hopefully image support is coming) but the ability to clip a whole web article from your smartphone and quickly zap it to your account is extremely convenient.

Of course if your main focus is on images then Evernote and Dolphin’s other new announcement may be of interest: the Dolphin: Skitch Add-on (which requires Skitch to be installed on your device) lets you edit annotate and save onscreen web pages as images (and optionally upload them to your Evernote account amid other sharing options). Also of interest for snap-happy Dolphin users might be its recent Screen Cut Add-on which also lets you save screen grabs of entire web sites (or portions) with sharing options also included. No word yet on whether any of this functionality will be coming to the iOS release of Dolphin which doesn’t as yet support any Add-ons.