Epson Ecotank Expression ET-2550 review

Walk into any office supplies store and you’ll be privy to an abundance of home inkjet printers that you could take home for less than $100.

So when we looked at the Epson ET-2550 and its $500 price tag, we were kind of expecting this pricy device to print rainbows.

The thing about the Epson ET 2550 is that it isn’t the best printer we’ve seen. More so, in terms of the document and photo quality it produced, we probably wouldn’t even consider it above average.

But at the same time, we’re actually rather taken with it.

Our satisfaction largely stems from this model’s attempt to steer printers away from the pricing scheme that allows consumers to get away with a bargain printer initially, but slugs them every time they run out of ink.

The ET-2550 comes with four Ecotanks instead of the usual cartridge receptacles and enough ink to print 4,000 black and white pages or 6,500 normal colour pages that can last anywhere up to two years, depending on your usage.

These Ecotanks don’t need to be replaced but, instead, can be refilled with the same relatively inexpensive $16.99 refill bottles of ink, that the device initially comes with.

Though you have the basics like a Wi-Fi connection, an SD card reader and a flatbed scanner, there really aren’t any bells and whistles on the ET-2550.

The same could be said with the number of options you have when it comes to formatting your print schedule or tweaking settings. And though its print speed is reasonably sluggish, it performs in the same vicinity as other entry-level printers with A4 Photos.

The photos that the ET-2550 prints are a surprisingly crisp 5,760 x 1,440dpi, and if you regularly use your printer, it’ll probably only take you a couple of years to have caught up with the initial outlay.

If you can swallow the up front cost, then the ET-2550 is definitely worthwhile, but coming to terms with buying a $500 printer may take a little getting used to.

Price: $498
From: Epson

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5