Eleven things you didn’t know about the iPhone

Here’s a list of eleven things you probably didn’t know about your iPhone. Some are nice to know and some wil make your life with the iPhone much easier. If you’ve got any more tips please add them in the comments section.

Navigating Timer Dials
Timer dials can be moved three ways. Tapping two units above or below to move in two unit increments or just below or above the dial to move in one unit increments. You can also drag and spin timer dials as well.

Navigating timer dials with ease

Get more out of Favourites

Tapping on a name in your favourites list dials the designated number but tapping on the arrow next to the name takes you to the contact detail page if you need to dial an alternate number (or send a message).

Tapping the arrow takes you the contact detail page

Use the ‘+’ instead of the international dialing code.
A great shortcut when dialing international numbers is to dial the ‘+’ before the country code. To do this on the iPhone press and hold the ‘0’ on the keypad until the ‘+’ appears.

Hold down the ‘0’ to get a ‘+’

Use the keypad to remember numbers while on a call
To record a number while on another phone call click the ‘add call’ button on the call screen then tap ‘keypad’ enter the number and tap Call. After your original call has been put on hold tap End Call and you’ll be returned to your previous call. The number you entered should now appear in your Recent calls list.

Move photos when zoomed in.
My son actually showed me this one (and he’s only 22 months old!). Simply keep dragging a zoomed in photo to move to the next one. After two or three tries the iPhone will zoom move you to the next photo and zoom you out. Also double tapping a photo zooms out as well.

The trick to taking photos
Like the keyboard the iPhone only takes a photo when the shutter is released. So when taking a photo hold your photo on the shutter icon until you are ready then lift off.

Weather knows postcodes
When adding a new city to the weather widget iPhone brings up the default keyboard. But weather also works if you enter a ZIP code. Simply tap the ‘.?123’ keyboard and enter your ZIP or postcode and you’ll be presented with a list of options. Who knew that postcode 3183 exists in Melbourne Albligen (Switzerland) Horten (Norway) and Karancskeszi (Hungary)

Move around Mobile Safari easily
If you’re getting tired of flicking up an down the page simply double tap on the top of a page to quickly scroll to the top or double tap on the top or bottom third of a page to scroll a fixed distance (note: this only seems to work some of the time dependant on the page)

Create On-The-Go Playlists
Easily add items to your On-The-Go playlist by clicking ‘Edit’ in the top right hand corner. Now simply click the ‘+’ button next to the tracks you want to add. When you sync your iPhone the On-The-Go playlist gets emptied and a new playlist appears in iTunes called On-The-Go 1.

Creating on-the-go playlists is easy

Calculator gives visual clues
Calculator gives you visual clues as to the operator you have selected by stroking the outside of the operator in white.

Calculator gives you visual feedback

Secure your iPhone
Navigate to ‘Settings’ -> ‘General’ -> ‘Passcode Lock’ to turn on a passcode security. Even if you don’t want to use the lock it’s worth watching the visual effects Apple have built in to even the simplest task of unlocking your phone.