Big sale of newest Apple computers – at Dick Smith


One of the stars of the sale the Apple MacBook Air 2011 version

It’s not the first time Australian retailer Dick Smith’s has lopped 10% off Apple notebooks and desktops but with the discounts also applying to the 2011 releases of the MacBooks iMacs and Mac Minis this is your first chance to get the latest Apple hardware at less than the standard retail price.

Most have the new Intel Core i5/i7 processors and the much lauded Thunderbolt I/O ports which are able to transfer files at dramatically faster speeds than previous USB 2.0 ports. The 2011 MacBook Pro line is definitely worth a close look if you want a super stylish notebook or desktop replacement. The Dick Smith sale ends this Sunday.

Among the discounted Apples one of the choicest (and sexiest) is the 2011 Apple MacBook Air 11in (64GB) for $989.10. Leaving aside its amazing razor-thin looks its Intel Core i5-2467M processor is surprisingly powerful given that it’s low-voltage and when paired to a 64GB solid state drive this combination delivers excellent  performance in this inspiringly slim package even if the RAM is just 2GB.  Plus you get the usual excellent MacBook build quality a Thunderbolt port and a backlit keyboard.

The next bargain of note is the mid-range 2.5GHz version of the Mac Mini for $809.10. Packing both an Intel Core i5 and an AMD Radeon HD 6630M dedicated graphics card (for only $100 more than the  RRP of the base model 2.3GHz Mac Mini) it’s a tiny but powerful and stylish little desktop.

Those seeking a big notebook should consider the MacBook Pro 17in. This large screen giant was the biggest beneficiary of the February updates to the MacBook Pro line receiving an Intel Core i7-2720QM processor and an AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphics card. For $2609.10 it’s nearly $300 less than RRP giving it one the biggest price drops in Dick Smith’s sale.

Among the other discounted Macs there’s an Apple MacBook 13in for $989.10. This is pretty cheap for a MacBook of any kind but be aware this model has an obsolete Intel Core 2 Duo processor that’s completely outclassed by the new Intel Core i5s present in the slighly more expensive MacBook Pro line. For instance while the entry level 13in MacBook Pro is  $1259.10 it’s still a much better buy because you get drastically better hardware for a couple of hundred dollars more. 

Also think hard before being tempted to buy an older 2010 model MacBook Air 11in (128GB) for $989.10 or (64GB) for $809.10. Even with the lower price they aren’t as good value as the newer 2011 models which have vastly better processors Thunderbolt ports and backlit keyboards.

A sale of 10% is about as big a discount as you’re going to get on an Apple product here in Australia. There’s bargains across the 2011 and older 2010 models but bear in mind that the newest models are really a big jump ahead of the previous generation Apples.