Microsoft launches Windows 7 developer blog

Information for Windows 7 comes from many sources; starting with personal experience the engineering team that unveil all the latest features then the many news sites that digest the latest builds. Useful snippets also appear from other partners such as Dell’s assessment of the new Windows which is being tested on a huge range of Dell hardware revealing:

“Here’s a peek into what we are seeing when testing:

  • On many systems we are seeing noticeable improvements in boot to desktop times (versus Vista)
  • Almost all existing Vista drivers are working – great sign in terms of compatibility
  • Vista Application compatibility is promising as well (including the IE 8 compatibility mode)
  • Transcoding (ripping) media files is faster than Vista”

However developers will be one of the real acid tests for the OS. These people will be writing the software that we all end up using. If they find a problem it could have a hard-hitting impact on the release usability and stability of Windows 7. So it will be insightful to follow the latest blog launched by Microsoft which will be a focus for the developer community:

“This blog will focus mainly on the developer aspects of Windows 7 and
provide valuable content for developers. We want to make this blog a
“one stop shop” on the road to getting yourself familiar with what
Windows 7 has to offer for developers and how you can “Light-Up” your
application by using Windows 7 features.”

Joining the host of other official blogs from Microsoft such as the Windows Experience blog over time it will become a home to useful code examples demonstrations and advice for those creating software for Windows 7. Currently there are some links to several MSDN videos (yes – you too can watch video of devs typing in code gripping stuff!) highlighting how to program the Taskbar and Jumplists.

Whether you have an interest in development or are just interested in the nitty-gritty that goes on behind the scenes of software development check back to the blog over the coming months to find out what problems arise what solutions are created and what useful snippets are revealed about Windows 7.