Dell teases with profile shot of new 9.99mm thick Adamo notebook

There are few computer enthusiast that would have looked at the Dell Adamo and through the machine was ugly. There were many who looked at the price tag Dell pinned to the Adamo and wondered if the computer maker had gone crazy but at least Dell came back and cut that price by $1500 not so long ago.

Dell took the numerical anomaly of the date yesterday of 9-9-09 to tease us a bit with the svelte profile of the new Adamo notebook. The machine is claimed to be only 9.99mm thick which is exceptionally thin for a notebook. Other than the thin profile that you see in the image below Dell offered no other pictures and no specifications.

I will offer up a few educated guesses on what we will see inside the machine. I would expect the new Adamo to keep with the same 13.4-inch screen but a drop to 12-inches would be no surprise. I would bet money that the machine will run one of the new CULV processors from Intel and that it will use a lithium polymer battery to reach that thin profile and still offer good battery life. I will also assume that the price of the machine will be much more than most of us are willing to pay for a notebook. There is no word on when the new Adamo will officially debut.