Dell releases world’s first Moblin netbook

Is Windows set to get a new competitor in the netbook space? Dell US is now offering Moblin alongside Ubuntu and Windows XP on its entry-level Inspiron Mini 10v netbook.

The Moblin version of the Mini 10v sells for US$299 and is “exclusively for Linux enthusiasts developers and early adopters.”

It runs an Atom-optimised Moblin 2.0 OS  in the form of Canonical’s Ubuntu Moblin Remix Developer Edition.

But if you’ve already got a Mini 10v – or are willing to grab one locally from Dell for $549 – you can download the necessary OS image and install it directly from a USB flash memory key.

Weighing in at 1GB Dell’s Mini 10v Ubuntu Moblin Remix image contains all necessary drivers to turn your Mini 10v into a netbook on the leading edge (or should that be bleeding edge?) of open-source OS technology.

Owners of other Atom-powered netbooks can download a generic Moblin 2.0 image from