CM Storm Quick Fire Pro gaming keyboard review

In today’s competitive gaming environment it’s all about having the gear that will give you even the slightest extra edge. Thanks to Cherry MX switches mechanical keyboards have seen a huge resurgence in popularity with most peripheral manufacturers sporting at least a model or two.

CM Storm Quick Fire Pro
Solidly built with four versions for different keyboard feels.

The Quick Fire Pro is the latest gaming keyboard in the CM Storm lineup. It’s aimed more at FPS players than MMO-ers and doesn’t feature any extra gaming keys though it has partial red backlighting on the common gaming keys (WASD arrows and numbers) as well as media buttons on the function keys. It includes a removable braided USB cable can disable the Windows key and has a 1000Hz polling rate.

Just like other CM Storm keyboards you can buy four different versions with black blue brown or red keys for different feels. Our test model featured the blue keys for low resistance and good tactile feedback. In real-world use this translates into very easy-to-press keys with a distinct click feel and loud noise. The keys themselves are quite tall and have concave faces with sharp edges. While this gives a somewhat different feel to a normal keyboard after a solid gaming session we had adjusted and found it quite fast and accurate. The letters and numbers are laser-etched into the surface of the keys to avoid any possibility of long-term wear.

The Quick Fire Pro weighs in at 1.3kg and is extremely solid on your desk but at $110 online it’s not one of the cheapest options.

Special features :

  • Features Cherry MX switches
  • Different models for different feel
  • Laser-etched Keys

Pros : Partially backlit solid build dedicated media keys.
Cons : No gaming keys noisy pricey.
Verdict : 7 out of 10.

Available from Rectron retailing for $109.

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