China’s half-price iPad clone

Like the idea of an iPad but not sold on the price? Maybe you need to look out for the Chinese version of Apple’s so-called magical device which like its counterpart will go on sale this Friday – but at half the price of the entry-level iPad!

China’s iPad will sell for 2000 yuan which is US$290 or A$320. It’s a shameless knock-off of the original but not a total copy.

While the device shares the same name and branding and even boasts an Apple logo atop the screen it has an iPod-style click wheel controller and uses a stylus instead of your finger. The UI also appears to be a Chinese clone of Apple’s OS X.

The counterfeit iPads are the product of Chinese tech manufacturer Shenzhen Huayi and company president Xiong Yiwei is quite open about his lawyer-bait iPad.

“We basically made the designs to look like a jumbo iPhone” he told Hong Kong-based Ming Pao Weekly. “The profit margin of counterfeit cell phones reached up to 30 percent in the past but only 10 yuan (A$1.65) profit margin is made per one product. We had a great expectation of netbooks last year but only 100 yuan (A$16.50) profit margin was made. The success of iPhonish product is a matter of life or death for us.”