Now you can run OS X widgets on Windows

There must be an increasing number of Windows users who have experienced a Mac (and very probably enjoyed it) but still need the PC. If you’ve fallen in love with an OS X Dashboard widget  and can’t find a similar one in the pantheon of Google Vista or Firefox gadgets then you were stuffed until now.

Kludget is a free utility that uses the open source power of Webkit (the core rendering technology used in Safari and the OS X Dashboard) along with other development systems to run the tech behind all those widgets on your PC.

Rather like Trillian does for chat it makes most widget systems happily run under the one banner. Developers can use HTML Flash Javascript XML to create desktop widgets or gadgets. Kludget copies all the best features from Dashboard Yahoo Widgets Microsoft Gadget Google Desktop Opera Widgets. It’s primary goals are efficiency speed ease of development aesthetics.

Add cute widgets to your Windows

As this is a beta not all widgets are guaranteed to work especially any that make strange API calls but you probably won’t know that until you try. There are some cute test widgets on the start to give you an idea of what is possible. There are endless widget resources that you can find online.