BitFenix Colossus PC chassis review: giant case with killer style

Considering that your PC case is the bit that everybody sees it’s remarkable that so few enthusiasts actually care about how their shrine to the digital gods looks. Not so owners of the colossal Colossus – anybody who sees this case will know you’re seriously devoted to your hardware.

Available in black or white the case is coated with a unique SofTouch coating. It feels very familiar to the rubbery paint on certain notebooks and shrugs off scratches and fingerprints with ease. More impressive is the LED lighting system that wraps around the front and both sides of the case and can be set to gently emit a blue or red glow – we think the pulse mode looks suitably menacing and wouldn’t look out of place on the bridge of a Cylon Basestar.

The interior is decked out with a fantastic cable management system which has a series of openings on the floating motherboard. It’s easily the most accommodating cable hider that we’ve seen. A number of cooling configurations are available – two 230mm behemoths three 140mm or three 120mm fans and speeds are controlled by a couple of dials tucked away in a small bay on the top of the case.

This bay also includes two USB 3.0 extension ports (nice!) as well as the lighting controls and standard mic/headphone jacks.

The makers have obviously seen the monstrously heavy ARES video card as they’ve included a proprietary graphics card stabiliser providing additional support to motherboard-bending heavyweights. Obviously for a monstrosity of this size there’s plenty of room for your components with eight PCI slots five 5.25in drive bays and seven 3.5in bays.

The only complaint we can make about the entire case are the 3.5in bay cases which feel a little flimsy. This is in stark contrast to the rest of the case which feels as if it could handle a seven on the Richter scale and come out laughing on the other side.

Given the gorgeous lines and impressive feature set we were expecting a price tag upwards of $400. Our surprise at the $229 RRP means we can’t help but give this case a perfect score.

BitFenix might be relatively new to most of us but if the Colossus is anything to go by we’ve got a feeling it’s going to become a premium brand in no time at all.

Available from BitFenix retailing for $229.
APC rating: 9/10