Best notebooks from $300 to $3000

Some things in life are not meant to be easy. Keeping track of petrol prices; understanding mobile phone plans; figuring out whether that notebook PC you’re considering buying is good value.

Admittedly APC readers will be better than average at assessing a PC’s value. But it’s still not an easy task with dozens of manufacturers and retailers pimping out their models with umpteen combinations of different hardware components dozens of similar-sounding video card names and so on.

That’s why our sister site Notebook Hunter has gone through the hundreds of notebooks currently on sale in Australia to determine what is actually “good value”.

We’ve divided up the notebook market into
price bands from $300 – $3000 and explained the best value configurations for each based
on street pricing and specials in which those configurations have
actually been offered by some retailers.

If the deal you’re looking at matches or betters our configuration in
one of the price brackets it’s definitely a good one. The specs
and hero deals for each price bracket below reflect the best deals we
have seen so far — not just the average.

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