Best Apps for Windows Phone, May 2011

Pictures Lab

WP7’s best picture editing and effects app.

Pictures Lab has received a lot of attention as the “go-to” image editing suite for new WP7 users – and for good reason too.

For around $2 you get the standard editing features like crop rotate flip saturation brightness contrast and auto adjust but it also comes packed with more than 20 image effects ranging from old-skool camera effects (like LOMO or effects designed to imitate a specific decade) to warping (like bulge or miniature faking). Dynamic previews of the effects are shown when selecting from the list of effects so you can see what your image will look like before you apply an effect.

Best of all the effects can be applied to a full-resolution version of the original image meaning you can have a print-quality copy saved to the phone’s Pictures Hub complete with the original EXIF info.

And as is expected the app also supports sharing over your favourite social network.
A neat little feature is that a quick double-tap will switch the image between the original and the edited version so you can see exactly what you’ve done.

There is a trial version available the only limitation being that you can’t save your pictures when done.

US$1.99 > Schulte Software Development

Send to WP7

If you’re jealous of the Android users totin’ Chrome to Phone then Send to WP7 is a more powerful alternative that is sure to upset them.

Chrome to Phone allows users to push any link instantly from Google Chrome to their Android handset.

Send to WP7 does the same for WP7 but additionally supports IE 8 and 9 Mozilla Firefox and any browser that supports bookmarklets.

It also stores sent links locally and includes a live tile indicator.

Free > Dave Amenta


Other car finders I’ve tried add frilly bits that bog them down. This one’s my favourite because it keeps it simple and works well.

Next time you park in the labyrinthine streets of an inner city suburb whip out FindMyCar and mark your location. The next morning as you slowly make your way back towards the car with a head full of pain and a belly full of bacon this app will spare your mind the trouble of remembering exactly which street you parked on.

US$0.99 > ZTrain Software


GReadie (pronounced “greedy”) is a Google Reader client. Google Reader is my favourite RSS reader so having all my saved RSS feeds complete with unread count starred items and shared items available in a native WP7 app is a dream.

It also supports sharing out to Facebook/Twitter a Live Tile for quick access and an offline mode that pre-fetches articles when data is available.

Reading view is in beta at the moment which saves you from having to switch to the browser.

US$1.99 > Quids Mobile