Best Apps for Windows Phone, March 2012


Create find and listen to mixtapes from around the world.

Many a person has some nostalgic memory of carefully piecing together a mixtape for a special someone in their life. A mixtape could once define a season and hearing a song from an oft-played tape can trigger a series of happy road-trip memories years or even decades later.

My problem however is that tapes suck.

Mixtapes allows you to create share and find mixtapes (you will need an account to create them) on your WP7 handset. You can search for mixtapes by tags (usually genre but also mood) or contributing songs or artists and you can favourite the best tapes or curators for quick retrieval later.

The app displays information on each track including links to the Zune Marketplace and integrates with the Music + Video hub so you can see and reopen those mixes you listened to recently. One gripe is that it doesn’t display the artist/title info on its live tile.

It supports multi-tasking so you can keep listening to the mixtapes when you switch applications or lock the screen (oh and it supports lock-screen controls too). And finally you can share any mixes that you’ve made or found via Facebook or Twitter which I guess is the digital replacement for hand-addressed scented cassette mailers.

Free > Softwell > Link


A great-looking 3D version of Hexic the object of Plex is to clear the sphere of the hexagon pieces by lining up three or more in a row. As per puzzle law you earn more points by rotating groups of pieces to create combos.

There are two gaming modes available: Adventure where you clear the levels within a limited time; and Survival where you play for the high score on a sphere with regenerative tiles. An addictive puzzler that really stands out from the rest.

US$0.99 > Kalezo > Link


AppFlow provides a better way to browse the Windows Marketplace. It provides extra categories – including indie games rising stars apps gone free forgotten legends hidden games David vs. Goliath (original vs. clone) best live tile apps best Mango apps and more. There are featured apps ratings and ranking history and statistics and a ‘discover mode’ will  recommend new apps based on apps you like.

On top of all these great features is a gorgeous – and functional – UI that makes it a great Marketplace replacement.

Free > Gergely Orosz > Link


Sometimes you just don’t wanna Bing. gMaps gives you the ability to use Google Maps in place of Microsoft’s offering without losing functionality.

The app does all you’d expect – search navigate etc. – and comes complete with Latitude integration with background updating of your location (if you’re into that kinda thing). You can also navigate to an address from your contacts. Little extras include phone calling from search results and the ability to hide all the on-screen buttons.

Free (Ad-free $2.49) > Alexey Strakh > Link