Best Apps for Windows Phone, June 2011

Call Credit

Multiple phone account information in one handy place.

Keeping track of your monthly spend is usually as simple as logging into a web site. However if you’re charged with monitoring the spend of multiple accounts (here’s looking at you kids) or just don’t like your provider’s web site then Call Credit is what you’re looking for.

Call Credit is an Australian-based app that keeps track of your monthly call and data allowances on the Vodafone Optus Telstra and Virgin Mobile networks (3 Australia is coming soon). It supports both pre- and post-paid accounts.

You simply specify the login credentials for each account that you wish to monitor and every time you start the app Call Credit will get the latest info on those accounts. You can even colour-code the different accounts to help you differentiate between them.

Because account APIs aren’t generally available from the telcos Call Credit has to scrape the web page of your account page. This can sometimes lead to problems – for instance if you have an unusual plan combination.

However the developer has pledged to fix any issues that anyone stumbles across and wants to hear any feature suggestions that users have. Future versions will include billing and call history information and pre-pay one-click top-up for those providers that support it.

US$1.99 > Andy Elks

1Password for Phone 7

If you use 1Password on Mac or PC (or hey even iOS or Android) then you’ll be pleased to know that they now have a Windows Phone 7 app that securely syncs your existing passwords via Dropbox.

It stores more than just passwords; you can store any data you’d like to keep safe like secure notes credit card details software serial numbers or anything else you can think of.

I prefer 1Password to other password managers because of its seamless approach to syncing between devices. It also syncs in the background – nice!

Free > Agile Web Solutions Inc.

Minecraft Helper

Addicted to Minecraft? Minecraft Helper is here to help… not in combating the addiction but in FEEDING IT with this free app!

Offering a wealth of information for both beginners and pros alike Minecraft Helper provides you with crafting recipes mob tips server commands and guides on smelting natural blocks redstones circles infinite water farming building portals setting up servers and much more.

Funnily enough a recent update release was delayed because the developer “got too caught up playing on a private Minecraft server”…

At least we know they know their stuff!

Free > Coconut Storm

UniMedia Remote

A simple but effective remote control app for WP7 that allows you to control Windows Media Center Boxee and XBMC using your phone. With a clean layout and quick access to your videos music photos and so on UniMedia Remote is as good a remote experience as you can ask for.

Simply install and run the client from make sure that you’re on the same Wi-Fi network enter the server’s IP address and you’re up and running. Use your touch-screen to move your cursor zoom in/out of the remote screen or use the keyboard.

US$0.99 > Jous Labs