Best Apps for Windows Phone, July 2011


Get things done with this task management app.

You may have already heard of or even used David Allen’s ‘Getting Things Done’ task-management methodology. If you haven’t well the idea is that writing lists will help free your mind from having to remember everything giving your brain extra CPU cycles to work on the task at hand.

GoGetter is a task management app based on this methodology. Tasks (known as actions) are placed within a context and given a priority. When you create a new action you specify a name a start and end date (if applicable) completion ETA and add any notes about the action. Actions can also be grouped into projects.

You can sort your to-do lists into categories. Then you’ll know when to do them…


There is also a ‘Today’ view to see when actions start are due or what ones are overdue (naughty!).

The app comes ready with a ‘Scheduled’ list for date-dependent actions and a ‘Someday/Maybe’ list for those actions without a date yet – visit Egypt research my family tree etc.

Completed actions are automatically moved to the ‘completed’ list. All the lists within the app can be sorted by date priority or name or filtered by context.

Development is still underway and the developers promise that new features are coming in the future. Here’s hoping for audible alarms and some kind of syncing feature.

US$2.99 > Gentoos

Dude Where is my Update?

Updating system software is an exciting event for the smartphone geek. If you’re like me and are super-peachy-keen to get the NoDo (and future) updates on your WP7 handset then Dude Where Is My Update? is for you.

Simply enter your country telco and phone model and the app will let you know if the update is in the testing scheduling or delivering phase.

Sure you can just go here and check but we’re now in the app economy so why not do it like you’re meant to in 2011?

Free > Dot Net Factory


Krashlander is a physics-based skiing game aimed at all those folk out there who are growing restless waiting for their angry avian friends to appear on the platform.

The premise is simple: you ski down a hill get some heaps-sick air and smash into the assemblage of evil robots waiting to unleash their heinous plans just over the valley from you.

You can also grab Krashlander Free which is an ad-supported but otherwise identical version of the game. (Both versions get a new level delivered every month.)

Happy skiing and don’t lose your head!

US$1.29 > Farseer Games

Deluxe Moon

The most prominent feature of this is the big ol’ picture of the moon showing you what it looks like at that moment relative to your location or on any date in the past or future.

Beyond this there’s a heap of supplementary information given such as moonrise and moonset times what percentage full it is how many days ‘old’ it is when it’ll be right over your head azimuth distance zodiac and more lunar facts.

The help file briefly defines any terms used and even links to Wikipedia.

US$2.99 > Lifeware Solutions