Best Apps for Windows Phone, February 2012

Cocktail Flow

Why not supplement your BBQ with a tasty imbibe?

Ah summer time. Why we choose the hottest time of the year to crowd around a fire and hot metal plate is a question for the ages. Perhaps it’s because cold drinks are all the better when faced with heat. Or perhaps it’s just too hot to cook inside. Whatever the justification hot meat and cold drinks go hand-in-hand.

But what if you dislike the amber liquid that accompanies most Aussie BBQs? Or maybe you want to impress that special someone with something a little more cosmopolitan than a slab of VPee/Tooheys Spew/XXXX (substitute for whatever four letter word you feel is appropriate).

Whatever your reason cocktails are the answer (I may even argue that whatever your question cocktails are the answer…) and there is no simpler way to slap together something delicious than with Cocktail Flow.

You can browse by base liquor or party theme or just tell it what you have in your cupboard and it will recommend the best drinks available to you but also what ingredients your bar needs to make the best possible drinks.

The app itself is beautiful with plenty of photos of drinks and is regularly updated with new recipes and drinking themes.

$3.49 (Trial available) > Gergely Orosz > Link

Oz Travel Advisor

A simple app that syndicates the travel advice as put out by DFAT and While the premise is basic the app itself is of great use to a traveller. You can view the current government bulletins alerts and country summaries – including maps and weather – for your country of interest. You can even have a live tile change colour to reflect the current DFAT ‘alert level’ for a country of interest.

In short it’s a better alternative for WP7 users than visiting the Smart Traveller web site.

Free > dgaust > Link

Physi Bricks

A fun physics-based brick smasher in the vein of bloons or Angry Birds. Now before you go and throw this magazine across the room at the thought of yet another Angry Birds clone hear me out: this game is free and fun and a good way to kill some time on the bus to work.

It offers many different types of ammo including Stone Explosive Detonate-able Explosive Disintegrator Implosion Anti-Gravity and Magnet balls. The dev recently added another 30 levels but here’s hoping for more.

Free > Stiq Joy LLC > Link


The WP7 Mango update brought with it the ability to link directly to internal app pages meaning you can now access system settings (and other goodies) at the touch of a tile. The first such shortcut app that I recommend you download is ConnectivityShortcuts.

The app allows you to place tiles on your homescreen that give you one-touch toggles for the most common options: Wi-Fi Bluetooth Mobile Data and Airplane mode. The live tiles can also display the current enabled/disabled state of Wi-Fi and Cellular.

Free > Oliver Ulm > Link