Best Apps for Windows Phone, April 2012

WNM Live

A social network based on who’s nearby.

WNM Live is a location-focused social network that allows you to make contact with other users based on your (and their) location. It does away with the concepts of ‘friends’ meaning anyone can contact anyone else; like Twitter it’s a public social network but there are also private messages. You can browse profiles of people nearby – helping you locate that nearby like-minded proto-minimal-neu-wave-progressive-jazz fan you’ve been trying to find all these years – as well as view and interact with a live stream of local conversations which is actually its most compelling feature.

When you find that special random you can reach out to them via text/picture messaging or voice chat. The app is well-crafted attractive and fast. It’s also Mango-enabled so you can switch in and out of it having it resume where you left off. The developers claim a user-base of 350000 growing by about 1000 users a day. However with the focus of the network being location all that matters is that there are users near you. So like all social networks the success of this app will be based on its uptake. At the time of writing it could certainly do with a few more locals but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Free > SynergeTech Solutions > Link


It’s now quite common to see people snapping photos of their dishes when at a restaurant and I must say I’ve been doing so for as long as phones have had cameras. Foodspotting is an app that brings these like-minded types together and actually uses this wealth of visual information for good.

More than just a method of uploading tasty snaps the app allows you to browse photos of available dishes based on your location or search for a particular restaurant or dish and read a bit about them.
Free > Foodspotting > Link


A fun quirky and original title exclusive to WP7 Tentacles has never made eating eyeballs so pleasurable. As some form of genetic aberration traversing the interior of your creator’s body you crawl along the fleshy psychedelic walls of 40 different body cavities consuming the eyes of other residents while avoiding all manner of obstacles.

To move the creature you tap on the walls where you want one of its tentacles to grab making the creature then spring forward. It sounds complicated but it’s one of the features that make this a modern mobile classic.

$3.49 (trial available) > Press Play > Link


Frequent flyers and casual holidayers alike will enjoy Skyscanner as it scours millions of routes across over 1000 airlines to find the cheapest flight to your desired destination. Unhappy with the current price of a flight? Create a Live Tile that will show you the current price for a route updated hourly.

Travelling with pals? Email the flight details to a group. Ready to book? The app will give you all the details you need saving you from the middle-man.

Free > Skyscanner > Link