Best Apps for iOS, June 2011

Monster Free Apps

Get notifications when paid apps go free.

We all love apps right? And we all love free right? What about when paid apps go free? DOUBLE LOVE!

Monster Free Apps is a clever little app that automatically push-notifies you when paid apps go free. This is handy because most of these “free for a limited time” sales only last a day so it’s easy to miss out on them.

The interface is as functional as it is logical with a list of the day’s free apps complete with a “get” button that does exactly what you’d expect as well as a list of previously free apps.

The misers out there will appreciate the inclusion in the Extras menu of a running tally showing how much money you’ve ‘saved’.

The creators reckon that there are at least 30 paid apps given away for free every month so if you’re an app addict this can end up saving you some serious dosh.

However while Monster Free Apps is a great way to find new apps the app list isn’t curated so don’t expect non-stop primo apps. You will strike gold every so often but there is a need for selectivity. Free poop is still poop after all.

Free >

While We Were Meeting

Oh meetings. Does anyone like meetings? I tend to spend most meetings gazing out the window wondering what’s going on in the outside world.

I no longer have to wonder.

While We Were Meeting is a curious app from an Australian company that tallies not only the $ cost of meetings (taking into account salaries of attendees as well as cost of the room) but also displays just what changed in the world during the meeting including births deaths CO2 emitted forests cleared etc.

Free > XL Numerics


If you love podcasts chances are that you hate having to sync with iTunes to grab the latest episodes. Well Instacast is here to help.

You can search subscribe download rearrange listen and delete audio and video podcasts all from within the app – the way it should have been from the very beginning.

You can subscribe to a new podcast by searching from a directory of 9000 podcasts or create a subscription from any of the podcasts already in your iTunes library. Oh and it supports multitasking too.

$2.49 > Vemedio

8-Bit Pocket Camera

Ok maybe I’m a sucker for nostalgia but if like me you’ve ever had the urge to recreate one of the worst digital cameras to ever make it to market then this app is for you.

The camera I’m talking about is Nintendo’s Game Boy Camera. I remember questioning its virtue back in 1998 but now 13 years later there’s a certain ironic retro charm to be had in viewing 128 x 112 grey and white images on a retina display.

No word on a release of a Game Boy Printer accessory for iOS just yet.

$1.19 > Dezro