Best Apps for iOS, January 27 2012

The Video Cookbook

A video how-to makes it easy for anyone to cook.

If you like to eat (I know I do) but get your best food at restaurants perhaps it’s time to learn how to cook. Classes are expensive and being a tech-geek books are boring so I was happy to find this great little app that provides a slew of fantastic recipes complete with an instructional video from a master chef and step-by-step instructions.

The recipes are all rated in difficulty using a 1-3 star rating and it comes complete with a glossary of terms to help you break through the cooking jargon. You can adjust the number of people you are cooking for and then pop out a shopping list of the necessary ingredients – best of all you can do this for as many meals as you like and then view the shopping list in a single place at the end.

With 124 recipes you should have no trouble finding a few favourites and when you do you can simply ‘star’ them for easy retrieval later.

The videos are all professionally shot in superb quality and – if storage is a concern – can be deleted from your device after viewing (you can always download them again later). Each recipe is accompanied with photos of the main steps.

$6.49 > Futura Group > Link


You must find it in your heart to forgive the name of Word Examination Laboratory for Dynamic Extraction and Reassessment but once you do you will be rewarded with a blend of Bejewelled and Scrabble – instead of swapping jewels to match three of a type you’re instead swapping letters to make words in a limited number of moves. Just like scrabble different letters are worth different amounts and there are bonuses awarded for special pieces.

You can get a thorough overview of how to play at

$1.99 > Ayopa Games LLC > Link

Bike Baron

Bike Baron may be easy to pass off as just one of a slew of Trials HD (on Xbox Live Arcade) clones but where other games have seemed to lose what made Trials HD so great this has all the fun – including the difficulty in later challenges.

For those that haven’t had the privilege of playing Trials HD the object of the game is to navigate your bike from point A to point B avoiding obstacles doing stunts and keeping your balance. It’s great physics-based fun.

$0.99 >Mountain Sheep > Link

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro allows you to create PDF documents using your iPhone camera as a scanner. You may wonder why you would want to fork out the $7.49 when the Camera app does a decent enough job but the value of emailing a single PDF file containing multiple pages (even in different orientations) is what made me switch.

Other benefits include an image optimiser and the ability to upload directly to Evernote (making the docs searchable) iDisk Dropbox or Google Docs among others. A must for anyone working on the road.

$7.49 > Readdle > Link