Best Apps for BlackBerry, October 2011


Some great customisation options for BBOS6.

SixTools offers a few very handy customisation options for your BBOS6 device. My favourite is the ability to assign shortcuts to your volume and mute/play keys (they automatically disable when playing media).

You can set your device to play a custom sound when you pull it from your holster or when your battery gets low. Torch users can set the sound to play when they slide open the device and can also set the lock screen to remain in portrait mode.

You can turn off the annoying ‘USB Connected’ pop-up or choose to view the annoying initial startup video every time you boot your device.

It also includes a battery meter – complete with battery percentage and your choice of two different looks – which you can have display all of the time or just when the charge drops below a certain amount.

And finally the ‘Status’ page displays device info including IMEI OS version signal strength free memory and battery level and temperature. There is also a button to display your event log and one to run network diagnostics.

All in all it’s a handy little collection of options that may just fix some niggling problem you’ve had with the device since you bought it.

US$3.99 > ShaoSoft > Link


In Bix you control a little tracer ball and you have to trace shapes while avoiding the bouncing balls. You complete a level when your shapes cover 80% of the level.

Tracing bigger shapes will net you a higher score and there are special balls that when trapped will give you a bonus like slow-down or an extra life.

There is a free version available (limited to 6 levels) and the full unlimited-level versions are available for both phones and the Playbook.

US$1.99 > Padadaz > Link


Despite de silly name deToday is actually a very useful tool for your BB. It turns your home screen into a ‘today’ screen giving you at-a-glance information on weather and appointments – including those from your Gmail Facebook and normal calendars.

You can customise how far into the past and future appointments are displayed as well as the font type colour size alignment margins and the background image. And for the security conscious the calendar isn’t visible from the lock screen.

US$4.99 (Free 15 day trial) > OdEve > Link


Falldown’s beauty is in its simplicity. You roll the ball (by tilt on touchscreen devices or by the trackpad on classic devices) down the gaps and avoid getting squished at the top. Points accrue by surviving.

The simple gameplay and simple graphics hark back to the phone games of yore but don’t let that fool you into thinking that this game is no good: I’m sure you remember just how addictive those old phone games were yeah?

Free > Igor Shitarev > Link