Best Apps for BlackBerry, November 2011


Geeks love nothing more than a good shortcut.

What sets BlackBerries apart from their rivals is that luscious keyboard. Having so many keys at your fingertips offers advantages beyond typing out emails though; the ability to program shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts really separate the geeks from the n00bs so you’re actually doing yourself a disservice by not using this app.

ShortCutMe allows you to assign any of 150 customisable shortcuts to either a single double or triple tap of your convenience keys or spacebar or any of those keys followed by up to three letters. Shortcuts can be to applications system settings or direct call/email/PIN/SMS a contact and can also be placed in the system menu.

But now the fun begins. You can also schedule shortcuts to launch at specified times (reduce volume during work hours for instance) or stack them to create macros for example tap a convenience key + g + f as you jump in the car to disable Wi-Fi enable Bluetooth start up some kickin’ tunes and text your girlfriend to say that you’re feelin’ fine and headin’ on over.

Some simpler shortcuts allow you to turn on the torch lock the keypad or just open an app without having to exit the browser. It’s a geek’s dream.

US$4.99 > Fonware Ltd. > Link


NeatStreets is a project that allows concerned community members to report problems in their area such as graffiti potholes litter broken street lights dumped trolleys and pretty much anything that needs cleaning up.

Users report the incidents using their smartphones (the app is also available on Android and iOS); you take a geo-tagged photo select a category add a message and the correct authority is notified. The report then appears on the NeatStreets web site where you can monitor its progress.

Free > PepperStack > Link

Slider Lock    

We’ve all been there; your phone is unlocked in your pocket and dials your grandmother just as you’re telling your best friend all about your recent binge of a weekend. As you hear tiny screams of disgust emit from your pocket you curse RIM for designing such a silly lock system. Your grandmother then faints from that final cuss word.

Suddenly a $2 investment in an app that will automatically lock your phone seems a good investment.

US$1.99 > Ajani InfoTech Private Limited > Link

Sleep Ringer

I always set my phone to silent when I go to bed mainly so that I’m not awoken at 3am by a dear friend that’s discovered their uncanny ability to “RAWK” the karaoke bar.

But there are some calls that I would rather be woken for. What if it’s a family emergency? Sleep Ringer allows me to set important numbers to always ring even when the phone is set to silent so that I can filter out the Bon Jovi but still get that call from my lonely girlfriend.

US$1.99 > SleepRinger > Link