Best Apps for BlackBerry, March 2012

Where’s My Phone Pro?

Locating a lost BB has never been easier.

To lose your smartphone can be as bad as losing your wallet as it usually costs more to replace and contains more personal information. But unlike a wallet your smartphone has a GPS locator on it.

Where’s My Phone Pro (WMPP) is a standalone app (as in it doesn’t require a third-party service or subscription fee) that allows you to email or SMS your lost BB with a code word and a command to make it perform certain functions such as emitting a loud beeping noise (even if it’s on silent) or popping up a screen with a message and phone number that the honest person holding your handset can reach you on. Alternatively you can also have it send you an email containing a map of its location or have the phone call you so you can hear where it is or who it’s with.

If worse comes to worse you can remotely disable (lock the screen) have it permanently and constantly emit an annoying sound or wipe it – but not before having it send you all your contacts as a backup.

Additionally you can hide the app icon from Task Switcher and receive an email or text when the SIM is changed or one containing the current battery level.

US$4.99 > Essare LLC > Link

Home to Phone

With Home to Phone you can quickly send whatever web page you’re viewing on your PC to your BB making it a simple way to transfer driving directions from Google Maps to your pocket. It can also send phone numbers – especially handy when you’re searching for the local Ribz 2 Joo’s number.

Best of all the sending works two ways meaning you can send links from your BB to your desktop and even to friends using the app. It requires a Firefox or Chrome plug-in or Windows client from here.

US$0.99 > Epic Applications > Link

puZZed – Alarm Clock

The people behind puZZed believe that the key to waking up in the morning is forcing your brain to become active so when puZZed’s alarm sounds it forces you to solve a puzzle before it will turn off.

You can choose the type of puzzle you’d prefer – choices include maths puzzles type the quotes (type the displayed phrase exactly as it appears) match the signs memory puzzles or highest number – with additional puzzles available for a fee. Even if you pull the battery the alarm will sound when the handset reboots.

Free with in-app upgrades > qbotron > Link


BeepUs adds push-to-talk style functionality to BBM allowing you to chat to your BBMBFFs as if your BB was a WT (a Walkie Talkie).

I remember getting my first walkie talkie when I was a kid and being thoroughly disappointed when I couldn’t hear my buddy when he was more than a few hundred metres away. Now you can relive that press-a-button-to-say-something fun but with a range that extends worldwide (unless you’re with Vodafone that is. ZING)!

Free > Tuk Digital Solutions > Link