Best Apps for BlackBerry, June 2011


Browser access for your files email calendar memos etc.

JeeoSuite is one of those apps that gets me a little excited and as it’s recently left private beta I’m a-tinglin’ all over.

The main function of JeeoSuite is to give you access to all that hot goodness on your BlackBerry without having to plug it in or install any software. All you have to do is open a web browser and navigate to your Blackberry’s IP address.

Once you do you can send or receive emails access your calendar memos and bookmarks view photo slideshows instantly stream music and video or download any file stored on your handset.

The System Dashboard page shows statistics like device PIN memory usage OS version battery life IP address GPS location and more. There is also a Tools page where you can free up memory on the handset take a screenshot or locate your missing phone by having it bleep at you. If you’ve really lost your phone you can grab its GPS details from the main page.

For security’s sake you can specify a username and password for web access. Also the app only works over Wi-Fi meaning people outside of your home network can’t steal your megahertzes.

Free > mblware Inc

App Stalker

If you saw my iOS review of Monster Free Apps and were craving something similar for BBOS then crave no more buddy! App Stalker is what you want!

App Stalker shows you any apps that recently moved from paid to free or saw a significant price drop. If you’re a mad keen app downloader it can optionally alert you of recent price drops. Proud bargain hunters can then automatically brag about it on Twitter.

A few UI quirks will hopefully get worked out soon but the value of free apps outweighs this quibble.

Free > S4BB Limited

Virgin Blue Travel App

Flying Virgin Blue? Find their web kiosks a little grubby? Maybe you don’t like queuing up? Whatever your phobia there’s probably a good reason to use this app the next time you fly (or are thinking of flying) Virgin Blue Pacific Blue or Polynesian Blue.

You can book change cancel and – most usefully – check-in and get a mobile boarding pass for your next flight saving you using the kiosks at the airport. Hopefully other airlines will follow with their own apps soon.

Free > Mobile Travel Technologies Ltd


Roll flip and switch your way through 100 levels in this classic flippy-loggy-into-the-holey puzzle game. I’m sure you’ve seen the type before.

You’ve got a rectangular block a mysterious floating platform and a hole. You need to figure out the path to that hole and – for reasons unknown – you need to push that block into it. Sometimes there are even switches to activate first. If you love puzzle games (needless to say I do) Nintaii provides hours of fun for a bargain basement sub-dollar price.

US$0.99 > Mobigloo LLC