Best Apps for BlackBerry, February 2012

Luko Remote for PlayBook

Turn your PlayBook into a remote control for your PC.

Luko remote allows you to turn your PlayBook into a keyboard and mouse for your PC allowing control directly from the comfort of your chair/couch/beanbag/hammock/bed (in approximate order of comfort). Better than this the app also comes with a file browser so you can launch apps and specific files without having to squint at the scratchy fonts on your cathode/monitor/HDTV/projector/JumboTron (in approximate order of awesome).

Of course this app is targeted at those with home theatre PCs but you can still do some handy things with it such as controlling music at a dinner/gathering/bbq/party/rave (in approximate order of musical importance) freaking out your kid brother/mother/teacher/boss/captor (in approximate order of bad-assedness) navigating through your next work presentation (well that’s boring) or just a way to make sure you’re keeping your calorie burning under control.

The app requires you to install a server program on your Windows XP/Vista/7 PC (available here) and also that your PlayBook exists on the same Wi-Fi network. There isn’t an option to use it over 3G but unless you have some particularly good binoculars I don’t really see much of a use case there anyway.

The server is easy enough to set up with the only foreseeable hiccup being a wayward firewall.

US$2.99 > Luko > Link

Jewel Breaker

A great Bejewelled clone for BlackBerry Jewel Breaker has three game modes – Standard Timed and Infinite – that should suit your mood and time frame. In case you’ve not played a game like this before the object is to switch pairs of gems around in order to line up three or more.

When you do those gems disappear and more squeeze down from the top to fill the gap left. This in turn can cause combos and every gamer loves combos.

US$0.99 > Toysoft Development Inc > Link

Xploding Boxes

A graphically basic version of a casual gamer classic. Touch the cubes to have them explode sending shrapnel in four directions. The shrapnel will cause other boxes to explode starting the aforementioned ever-satisfying combo move. Different coloured boxes require a different amount of touches (whether by finger or shrapnel) to explode turning this into a puzzler rather than a free-for-all experiment in ballistics.

The stark graphics help in loading times meaning you can usually squeeze a round in between answering emails no matter how old your device.

US$2.99 (Trial available) > Ebscer > Link

LocalBar for PlayBook

If you’re sick and tired of having to hook your PlayBook up to your PC just to sideload an app that doesn’t exist on the BB App World then LocalBar will provide you with the sweet relief that you crave so much.

Of course to get LocalBar onto your device you’ll have to do the PC-Dev-mode-shuffle but once it’s on your device you’ll be able to download and install .bar files directly from your PlayBook browser.

Free > Yohan Nugroho > Link