Best Apps for Android, August 2011

Moon+ Reader

More options than you can shake a librarian at.

With phone screens getting bigger and Android tablets about to explode (not literally) onto the scene now’s a great time to start reading eBooks on your Android device.

My favourite eReader is Moon+ Reader. It supports txt html epub umd fb2 chm zip and OPDS but sadly not PDFs.

You can forgive this however when you see the app’s customisability: you can change font type and size line spacing alignment margins orientation background colour or image and set up hardware buttons to trigger actions such as next page (perfect for volume keys) day/night mode bookmarking read-aloud or a host of others.

It also supports text-to-speech online libraries bookshelf-style browsing page-turning animations highlighting annotation and dictionary lookup.

The included 10+ themes run from the very practical yellow text on a black background to the superfluous serene tree on a dusty lime background with the classic faux paper look lying somewhere between the two.

The free version is all that most people will need but there is a pro version available for $4.50 that adds in multi-touch headset and Bluetooth key control direct-to-book homescreen shortcuts sharing of annotations highlights & bookmarks (great when switching between your phone and your tablet) and a “shake to read” function.

Free or $4.50 > Moon+ > Link


TripView while only available for Sydneysiders is a welcome relief from the 131 500 web site.

You set up your pre-defined journeys by either clicking on your stop on a map or by searching for it by name. Once you have set these up your next bus train or ferry info is but a single click away.

Best of all for those of us on an unreliable network the app downloads the timetable info locally and notifies you whenever an update is available.

$2.49 (free ‘lite’ version available) > Grosoft > Link


Cordy is like Sonic the Hedgehog for this century. I don’t mean those tired re-hashes that have appeared on the Wii but a genuinely fun super-fast semi-3D platformer. I say semi-3D because it’s really a 2D platformer that occasionally turns a corner. This is a good thing.

Run jump push pull lift throw and swing your way to victory. Twelve levels are included but you can purchase more through the wonders of in-app billing. Low-end devices need not apply.

Free > SilverTree Media > Link


There is arguably no more thorough a collection of widgets available in a single free package than Widgetsoid. It has 40 toggles widgets for direct call/sms/email of a contact or for quick access to any application activity or bookmark.

You can customise backgrounds icons colours transparency labels and indicator types or even place the toggles in the notification bar so that they are accessible from any application.

Also available is a $1.30 donation version and a $0.70 alternative icons pack.

Free > jaumard > Link