BenQ GW2450 monitor review


BenQ was one of the first companies to introduce an LED-backlit VA (vertical alignment) panel last year and now has a second-generation model. The GW2450 has a 24-inch screen and runs a standard 1920 x 1080 resolution. It has a 250cm/m2 brightness and a very high 5000:1 contrast ratio.

BenQ GW2450 monitor

By default the BenQ is very bright which we found washed out the colours slightly. With a suitably lit room and a little tweaking colour reproduction is vibrant without being overwhelming. At 178 degrees vertically and horizontally the viewing angles are likewise pretty good and the matte screen reduces reflections from any direction. Backlight bleed is virtually non-existent and blacks very deep. The 4ms grey-to-grey response time is higher than some monitors but we didn’t have an issue with ghosting or any input lag.

The BenQ sports a single HDMI port as well as VGA and DVI connections. As expected the internal speakers lack bass but are useable in a pinch. You also get a headphone jack for audio output from an HDMI source.

While more expensive than similar-sized TN panel monitors the BenQ is targeting those who want a little better image quality. The VA panel image is very sharp and has excellent blacks; if you like to play a lot of dark games you’ll really notice the difference.

The GW2450 is so new that there aren’t any street prices yet but if you can find it for the RRP or less it’s a good deal.

Special features :

  • High 178° viewing angles
  • High 5000:1 contrast ratio

Pros : VA Panel deep blacks good viewing angles.
Cons : Weak speakers slightly washed-out colours no street price.
Verdict : 8/10. Highly Recommended!

Available from BenQ retailing for $199


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