BenQ for business: BenQ BL2400 monitor review

Unlike most high-end monitors the BenQ BL2400 is aimed squarely at the business market. The vibrant 24in screen is surrounded by a classically square (and maybe even a little dull) bezel and won’t win any style awards. It’s not until you actually grab the monitor that it becomes apparent that it has one of those glorious fully-adjustable stands. Not content with the usual tilt and swivel options the BenQ lets you adjust vertical height as well as rotate the screen into portrait mode.
The rest of the specs of the BL2400 are also top notch with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and a ten million to one dynamic contrast ratio. Thanks to the LED backlight colours are particularly vibrant though if you are editing images or video you will want to tweak the settings for better accuracy. The 5ms response time is nothing to be sneezed at and will ensure no ghosting – even if you use the BL2400 for a little after-work gaming.

The screen’s (supposedly) matte surface is designed to reduce reflection though in practice it’s still slightly glossy and is best kept away from bright windows. The BenQ ditches the increasingly popular HDMI connector in favour of DisplayPort as well as DVI and VGA. The inbuilt speakers are pretty poor though are acceptable for basic programs or video conferencing.

It might sound frivolous but we actually love the little tray on top of the monitor base as it’s the perfect spot to store random stuff like keys flash drives or even a chocolate bar or two.

The BL2400 is touted as an efficient panel and at only 20W under normal use we have to agree. It also has an eco mode plus an ambient light sensor that’s designed to keep the monitor at the perfect brightness to avoid eye strain while also minimising power use. Looking closer at the light sensor lens we can’t help but think it hides a secret device for spying on your workers.

The BenQ is backed up by a 3-year warranty making it an excellent choice for big business and home offices alike.

Available from BenQ retailing for $489.
APC rating: 8/10 (Highly Recommended)