The new mid-range displays: BenQ EW2420 VA monitor review

Until recently there was a pretty big gap between high-end and medium range monitors. That fancy pants 30in monster you keep eyeing undoubtedly uses an IPS panel that provides top-notch colour reproduction and image quality. Cheaper monitors typically use TN panels that get the job done but just don’t satisfy those who need total quality. Still most of the time TN is perfectly fine but now we’re starting to see LED backlit monitors being produced with A-MVA panels. Multi-domain vertical alignment panels are kind of a cross between high quality but slow IPS panels and the fast but inaccurate TN panels.

The BenQ EW2420 VA puts the true 8-bit A-MVA panel to good use with a 24in 1920 x 1080 screen mounted in a slick but simple frame. The main benefit of the new panel is excellent colour reproduction and image quality. You do need to dive into the nicely laid out menu system to get these results as by default the BenQ is fairly over-saturated and bright. With a bit of tweaking you can appreciate the accurate colours very deep blacks and the 3000:1 contrast ratio. The BenQ suffers from minor back-light variance but in normal use it’s not too noticeable. The A-MVA panel also means great 178/178 degree viewing angles though more importantly the colour reproduction stays true across most of the range.

The 8ms GTG response time might put gamers off but really we didn’t find any noticeable ghosting in fast gaming or movies. Still the EW2420 is best suited to those who crave accurate colours and wide viewing angles yet are willing to tweak the screen to get it.

The BenQ has the typical connectivity options with two HDMI ports DVI VGA and a two port USB hub. It also has some rather poor speakers fed by a 3.5mm jack. The stand only offers sturdy tilt functionality but it does include a VESA mount point.

While there are cheaper monitors out there if you compare prices online the BenQ can be found for under $350.

Available from BenQ retailing for $489.
APC rating: 7/10