Bargain for many reasons: ViewSonic VX2453mh review

Despite being a great-looking 24-inch LED backlit monitor the ViewSonic VX2453mh is amazingly cheap. While the $299 rrp itself is low a little browsing online can see you easily saving $50 on top of that. But of course a low price isn’t very useful if the monitor itself is terrible. On paper the specs are great with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 1000:1 static contrast ratio. The advertised 24-inch is only 23.6-inch viewable but we don’t think you will miss the difference.

The ViewSonic has a 5ms response time (or 2ms grey to grey) so gamers or movie buffs won’t be disappointed. The screen has a glossy coating and while this helps the colours really jump out at you it also suffers from reflections in a brightly lit room. Cranking up the brightness to the 300cd/m² maximum helps mitigate this though it makes the minor backlight variations more noticeable. Still by actively dimming the backlight LEDs the monitor can manage a 30 million to 1 dynamic contrast ratio and by extension very deep blacks.

The VX2453mh comes equipped with dual HDMI port as well as a legacy VGA connector. Sadly there is no DVI port though you do get an HDMI cable so a simple adaptor lets you connect to your existing DVI setup. The dual inputs also makes it easy to leave a DVD player or gaming console permanently connected.

The stand is basic but functional and offers standard tilt control. The inputs are mounted directly on the back of the panel above the stand making them very easy to access.  The speakers built into the monitor are small and without bass but will suffice if you have nothing else. The VX2453mh includes a 3.5mm audio output jack so you can feed HDMI sound out to headphones or larger speakers.

Keeping the environment in mind the ViewSonic is mercury free has a power saving mode and emits zero electromagnetic radiation. We measured less than a 24W draw in use and as always with ViewSonic products; it’s backed up by a peace-of-mind-giving 3-year warranty.

Available from ViewSonic retailing for $299.
APC rating: 8/10 (Highly Recommended)