Ballmer can’t resist another “Developers!” cry

To be brutally honest there was hardly anything new or interesting in Steve Ballmer’s pre-CES 2010 keynote especially if you own a copy of Windows 7 and have played with Media Center. So let’s focus on the one inevitable thing: the “Developers! Developers! Developers!” reference.

During a demonstration of how the collaborative features of Office 2010 could be used by students Ballmer was set the task of creating a slide about anatomy. This is what he came up with:

Developers baby!” Ballmer remarked when the slide was revealed. “I love the people that built this stuff.”

Apart from a slightly pathetic desire to remind people of his one genuine pop culture moment Ballmer’s slide tells us several things. Firstly Ballmer doesn’t know how to place spaces in proximity to a comma. Secondly Office 2010 doesn’t know how to correct that error! Thirdly when Steve gets excited he forgets the commas altogether. And finally wouldn’t an exclamation mark have been more appropriate anyway?

Other than that the newest elements of Ballmer’s element of the keynote were a handful of demo “slate PCs” which will presumably face the same challenges as everyone else in the tablet 2.0 market. There was one brief veiled sledge at Apple — “Windows PCs will absolutely offer the greatest variety and the most interesting content and entertainment experiences in the world” — but all in all it was pretty benign stuff.