Toshiba P50W-B review

Toshiba P50W-B review

This is an absolute bruiser of a convertible, with its dimensions dictated by the whopping big 15.6 inch display. As such, it’s probably better suited to those who only take their PC on the occasional foray into the wild, as the overall weight of 2.2kg will get tiring after a while, but the large screen… Continue reading

Toshiba Satellite P30W-B review

Toshiba P30W-V1

If you’re leaning towards a convertible that sacrifices a little mobility in return for a more laptop-like experience, the P30W-B could be just what your IT guy ordered. It’s one of the larger machines in our roundup, but the detachable screen makes the tablet mode almost as portable as other competitors. We have to point… Continue reading

Panasonic Toughbook CF-C2 review

The Toughbook CF-C2

The Toughbook CF-C2 is neither the most portable nor most affordable convertible around. However, if you need to subject your 2-in-1 device to rigours that would destroy less robust PCs, there’s simply no other option – the CF-C2 really is built like a brick outhouse. There’s a reason this is the fattest convertible of our… Continue reading

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro review

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

Asking over two grand for a 13.3 inch convertible is a little cheeky, so Lenovo had better back up its stratospheric price tag with some superb specs. Throw in the fact that the screen isn’t even detachable, and it seems that this 2-in-1 is facing an uphill battle to find approval. Thankfully it’s chock full… Continue reading

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review

microsoft surface pro 3

We feel for early adopters of the Microsoft Surface, as the company has been churning out new models at an alarming rate, making their initial purchase seem obsolete well before it should have. The good news is that the latest model clears up all of the concerns of earlier Surfaces, and ends up being one… Continue reading

HP Pavilion x2 10-J008TU review

HP Pavilion x2 10-J008TU

We’re not sure what HP’s engineers were thinking when they designed the fabric, flexible stand that ships with this convertible. After figuring out how to use the HP Pavilion x2 10-J008TU, we were disappointed to note that it could only be used at certain angles; try to move the display to anything past 45 degrees… Continue reading