Australian maps in Apple Address Book

It’s fun to use the Google Maps plugin for Apple’s Address Book to find out where your American British Canadian and Japanese friends live. You can do even more snooping now as the most recent version of the plugin (2.4b3) adds support for addresses in France Germany and Italy.

But it’s not very useful for day to day work needs in Australia. It can’t parse Australian addresses.

Fortunately there are two Address Book plugins that can both produced by the Australian developer Robert Stainsby.

His recently released ZoomIn Maps plugin is still in beta but looks promising. It uses maps from the new ZoomIn web site to display the locations of your addresses.


It still doesn’t parse all of the Australian and New Zealand addresses in my Address Book very well. It can find my home but it can’t find the offices of APC Magazine.

His AusAB plugin has been around longer and does a better job. It uses the UBD maps from Whereis to map your addresses and also incorporates public transport timetables for Sydney from It also offersA‚A directions from your nominated primary address to the destination that are surprisingly accurate and useful.


Both plugins are donation-ware and Robert accepts money or iTunes vouchers on his web site.