Aussie TV set on the cheap: Ohki 42in TV review

With Kogan boldly leading the way the Australian TV market is starting to see fresh new brands pop up. The latest is Ohki with a 42in LED TV for $799.

The Ohki may be cheap but it doesn’t scrimp on the specs – where it counts. The main attraction is the screen itself – a 1920 x 1080 panel built by LG. Aside from being LED edge-lit it’s also a cut above the competition with a 120Hz refresh rate. The Ohki has an inbuilt digital TV tuner as well as three HDMI ports plus VGA Component and AV inputs. You also get a USB socket that can be used to record live TV play back media files or update the firmware.

By default the picture quality on the Ohki is quite good however straight out of the box the brightness is set a little high. The contrast also benefits from a slight reduction though you can only reduce the mild blue tint in NTSC mode. There is minor brightness variation across the screen as well as slight light bleed near the edges but not enough to show up in day to day use. As expected from a LED TV the blacks are also very deep and with a few tweaks to suit your environment the Ohki produces an excellent picture.

The menu and media player are surprisingly slick though we had trouble playing back HD content and the USB port is awkward to access on a regular basis. The remote is basic and cheap but functional and responsive. Because of the slim form the inbuilt 9W speakers are shockingly tinny making an external surround sound setup a must have. The TV does produce a just audible buzz when turned off though this can be avoided by using the rear mounted on off switch. The 4.5cm thick Ohki is VESA compatible making it an ideal choice for wall mounting.

The Ohki is also quite efficient using only 115W during normal use – about half that of a CCFL LCD TV. And of course the whole lot is backed up by a one year warranty.

Available from Ohki retailing for $799.
Verdict: 8/10 (Highly Recommended)