Aussie iPad likely to nudge $1,100

Apple Australia is keeping its powder dry on iPad pricing ahead of the tablet’s expected release at the end of March.

But we know you don’t want to wait that long – and we know that some of you will want to start saving – so we’ve crunched the numbers do give you our own best guess of the iPad’s sticker.

You can work out the likely minimum starting price for the iPad by taking the US price converting it to Aussie dollars (at the current exchange rate of 0.90) and then adding 10% for GST.

But in reality Apple’s local prices tend to be a bit higher than that.

We compared the US and Australian pricing of all three versions of the iPod Touch models the iPod Classic the MacBook and the Mac Mini. On average the Aussie price is 1.3 times the cost of the US model.

Multiply the US prices of iPad by that same factor of 1.3 round the result up (or down) to a handy happy 9 and here’s what you get:

 iPad WiFi with 16GB  $649
 iPad WiFi with 32GB  $779
 iPad WiFi with 64GB  $849
 iPad WiFi + 3G with 16GB  $819
 iPad WiFi + 3G with 32GB  $949
 iPad WiFi + 3G with 64GB  $1099

Of course you’d want to add prepaid mobile broadband data pack onto the 3G iPad.

While Apple and AT&T have decided on 250MB as the basic bundle – a number which Jobs described as “a fair bit of data most people will get by on that” – most of our telcos currently start their prepaid mobile broadband deals at 500MB for $15-20.