Audio-Technica ATH-PDG1 review

Audiotechnica pdg1 review

If your gaming rig sits in an unair-conditioned, poorly ventilated and uninsulated hot tin box of a room, the summer gaming months can be a bit… sticky, to say the least. So the last thing you want to do is wrap your noggin with an oversized pair of cans made from the hide of half a cow.

This is the second generation of AT’s gaming-specific gear, though looking at it you wouldn’t know. In place of the oversized cans with this long, paddle-fit headband is the more traditional headset look and feel of the amazing M-series gear we’ve gushed over previously – albeit with some slight build tweaks to keep the overall weight down.

The PDG1 has slightly smaller 40mm drivers, a lighter feeling plastic finish on the pivot points and can-exterior, plus a supersoft breathable cloth finish. The end result is a 225 gram headset you can wear all day long without creating a sweaty ecosystem in your ears.

The sound of sweat

The sound quality is – As always with Audio-Techinca gear – nothing short of fantastic. The directional accuracy is spot on and the soundscape of these open back cans is massive. The PDG1 is both PC and PS4 compatible out of the box, but – as with many other headsets – Xbox users will need the MS controller attachment to get them up and running.

Three cables are included in the box. A 1.2 metre with goose neck mike and in-line controls, a two metre PC extension cable, as well as a 1.2 metre smart phone cable with in-line controls and mic.

A closed back, leather clad version is also available… For those gamers who don’t mind sweating for their art.

Verdict: A lightweight and great sounding open-back headset compatible with both PC and PS4

Price: $199
From: Audio-Technica

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

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