At this rate by 2044 everyone on Earth will use Android

At last week’s Google Music launch in the US the company disclosed that more than 200 million Android devices to date have been activated with the current rate of activations sitting on a mind-boggling 550000 new Android devices switched on every day. Pretty stunning numbers especially when you consider that Android only passed the 100 million devices mark this May a mere six months ago.

While still falling short of Apple’s enviable total of 250 million iOS devices in the wild if Android’s incendiary rate of adoption were maintained it would see the OS conquer the globe sometime around 2044. Okay we’ll admit we used some ridiculously dodgy math to come up with that particular figure (we’re not taking into account increases in world population during the timeframe nor that iOS itself sees a none-too-shabby 210000 activations a day itself etc.) but you get the general idea.

One stat worth noting: Android activations no longer seem to be accelerating at the rate which they once were. The 550000 new devices a day threshold was reached in July as revealed by Google CEO Larry Page and going off the latest Google Music launch figures it appears that rate is unchanged from four months ago. So Android is still taking over the world… just at a more leisurely pace.