ASUS’ real leather laptop

A notebook covered in leather? Beats suede in the fashion stakes.

The last time we really went wild about a notebook design was HP’s wavy-line Zen themed Pavilion. But for years we’ve wondered about other notebook coverings. Intel even brought out a test model suede notebook that raised some eyebrows and got us wondering about other materials like felt velvet even cowhide.

Was someone listening? ASUS has now announced a leather-bound notebook (the S6) and it’s as classy as you were probably imagining and then some. Yes we’re talking real textured cowhide here. And you thought suede was a brave move.

The notebook even comes in a snazzy designer shoe box-type package with special compartments for the batteries. “It’s a bit like Chanel perfume. People buy that box and then they cherish it. It’s not just another brown box” says the ASUS product manager. Also there is a matching brown leather mouse.

While we’re not so sure about the tagline – “Humanizing technology in a new tactile way” – but we still think this is a great step and would like to go on record now as being all for even more leather items. Leather desktops maybe?