ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T review

A keyboard-equipped tablet naturally draws comparisons to the device it most closely emulates: the laptop. However any thought that perhaps the TF300T could replace your primary PC should remain in fantasy — Android isn’t yet a replacement for a traditional desktop OS.

The keyboard provides a tablet stand and protects the screen in your bag.

ASUS’s Transformer series should really be viewed as an evolution of the netbook. At $599 it sits at the very top tier of netbook prices so you mustn’t lose sight of the fact that it also does all those wonderful things that only a tablet form factor really allows (curling up in bed with a digital magazine for instance).

As a tablet we love this device. The keyboard not only extends the battery life to 12 hours but it also provides a full-size SD card and full-size USB port. Handy if you use it as a media device on your TV and you want to quickly load the latest creative commons Full HD feature film.

The added bonus of having dedicated function keys — multimedia wireless Android Back and Home screen cap and so on — is a blessing I never knew I wanted. Even the touchpad while a little awkward/redundant is welcome in some situations if only because muscle memory often makes me reach for it. Hell the keyboard even provides a tablet stand and protects the screen when it’s in your bag.

As a tablet it feels solid looks good performs flawlessly and comes with a brag-worthy spec sheet. Once you add in a keyboard however it becomes truly lovable.

Special features :

  • Quad-core 1.3GHz Tegra 3 processor
  • Keyboard with extended battery
  • Full size SD and USB ports

Pros : Converts to a netbook.
Cons : Won’t quite replace your laptop.
Verdict : 9 out of 10. Editor’s choice!

Available from Asus retailing for $599.

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