Apple releases Aperture update

Apple has released an update to iPhoto’s big brother Aperture an app aimed at the needs of professional photographers.

Aperture 1.5 brings more flexible library management improved handling of metadata and smarter workflow automation.

Presets for metadata and frequently-applied image adjustments save time and prevent mistakes. An autofill editor and the ability to lock the keyword pane offer further protection against inadvertent changes.

Unlike iPhoto images no longer need to be stored in a single dedicated library. The new version now tracks images stored on external drives network volumes CD and DVDs and automatically generates image previews at user-definable resolution and size. This means that users can take their entire portfolio with them on a notebook without the need to lug around gigabytes of RAW images.

The new version also features stronger Automator and AppleScript support. It provides more formal support for third-party plugins that capitalise on Aperture’s new Export API.

For example an Aperture plugin developed by Fraser Speirs makes submitting photos to Flickr easier and quicker:

Additional plugins streamline the submission of work to stock image provides like GettyImages and iStockphoto.

Apple details the full list of Aperture’s new features on its web site.

Aperture 1.0 users will find it in Software Update as a free upgrade. New customers can pick up a copy for $449.00 (inc GST) from the Apple Store or from an Apple Authorised Reseller.